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 Wikipedia states: Many individuals choose to limit what foods they eat for reasons of health, morality, or other factors. Additionally, many people choose to forgo food from animal sources to varying degrees; see vegetarianism, veganism, fruitarianism, living foods diet, and raw foodism. The nutrient content of diets in industrialized countries contain more animal fat, sugar, energy, alcohol and less dietary fiber, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Contemporary changes to work, family and exercise patterns, together with concerns about the effect of nutrition and overeating on human health and mortality are all having an effect on traditional eating habits. Physicians and alternative medicine practitioners may recommend changes to diet as part of their recommendations for treatment. More recently, dietary habits have been influenced by the concerns that some people have about possible impacts on health or the environment from genetically modified food. Further concerns about the impact of industrial farming on animal welfare, human health and the environment are also having an effect on contemporary human dietary habits. This has led to the emergence of a counterculture with a preference for organic and local food.

Below are the many ebooks related to diets and weight loss:

  1) Burn The Weight Feed The Muscle
   Diet & Weight Loss Secrets of The World's Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models: You truly can lose fat quickly and easily without supplements.

  2) Weight/Fat Loss 4 Idiots
   Home of the Idiot-Proof Diet Handbook for Weight Loss.

  3) The Negative Calorie Diet: Low Fat, Low Carb
   The Negative Calorie Diet weight loss eBook

  4) A Physician's Weight-Loss Secret.
   Drug-Free Weight-loss Prescription - No-Starving. No calorie counting. Effective, Safe. 14 years proven Results.

  5) The Power Of Positive Habits E-Book
   Learn how to Re-Program your Mind & Body and reach your goals Automatically!

  6) Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed!
   New weight loss program shows how anyone can lose weight with this proven plan.

  7) Weight Loss By The Numbers
   How I Lost 28 Pounds & 3 Pants Sizes in 3 Weeks & How You Can Do The Same!

  8) Firm And Flatten Your Abs
   Amazing Abdominal Workout Program Devised To Improve Your Physique!

  9) Fast Weight Gain System
   Use this weight gain guide from trainer/bodybuilder to pack on 20 lbs. in 60 days!

  10) Burn The Fat.Net
   Sister Site for Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle (no pop ups) #1 best-seller with users in 115 countries.

  11) Maximum Fitness By Gary Matthews
   Home of the World's Most Effective 20 Minute Programs for Total Fat Loss or Muscle Gain.

  12) The Ultimate Weight Loss eBook!
   This ebook converts far above average when compared to similar products.

  13) WeightLoss eBook :Negative Calorie Foods
   Popular Weight loss Program. 3 Diet Plans, 150 recipes with negative calorie foods! Pictures of Negative Calorie Foods.

  14) The Most Profitable Book In The World!
   Public Domain Empires uncovers 101 secret sources you can use to turn public domain information into hot little products!

  15) CarbTrack
   Low Carb Diet Tracking Software Hot Seller In The Booming Low Carb Diet Market.

  16) The Ketogenic Diet
   Best Low-Carb and Diet Books Ever Written

  17) Negative Calorie Weight Loss Solution
   With DietSol, lose the weight safely, easily and keep it off permanently!

  18) The One Low-Carb Diet That Always Works
   eBook which allows people to cut corners while losing weight very quickly.

  19) Christian Finn's Facts About Fitness
   Men's Health fitness expert Christian Finn reveals the best ways to burn off belly fat and pack on lean muscle.

  20) SubliminalSecretsExposed
   Create Custom Subliminal Recordings from Your Computer-Customized by YOU! Draw in Money, Sex, Weight Loss, Power, MORE!

  21) Lillie's Souper Weight Loss Plan
   Quickly Lose 11 - 45 lbs. No Dieting, No Hunger, No Pills, No Drugs!

  22) Diabetes,the Vitamin&Mineral Connection
   ebook describing likely causes & cures of diabetic symptoms.

  23) Lose Weight - 6 Week Body Makeover
   Creative Cooking & Recipes for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover. Now lose weight faster & healthier than ever before!

  24) Christian Weight Loss
   Helping Christians lose weight when diets don't work for them. Free Affiliate Reprint Articles.

  25) Quick Weightloss! Lose 10 Lbs In 4 Days
   No products only healthy food! Guaranteed!

  26) Creatine: A Practical Guide
   Learn how to most effectively combine exercise, nutrition and smart creative use for explosive muscle growth.

  27) Practical Weight Loss
   The Only Healthy Way To Lose Weight Permanently!

  28) Your Success Links .com
   I Lost 120 Pounds You Can Too. Written for people like myself, that wanted to loss weight that couldn't do it and keep it off.

  29) Fast, Healthy Weight Loss
   Ebook on Fast, Healthy Weight Loss by exercise Physiologist, Greg Landry.

  30) Acid-Alkaline Diet Simplified!
   This complete home study course on acid-alkaline diets alkalizes your body with step-by-step instructions (includes menus!

  31) Scarsdale Low-Carb Diet
   This is the last diet you'll ever need!

  32) Stop Cheating On Your Low Carb Diet!
   Brand New Model Of Human Motivation Helps Dieters Stick To Their Diets!

  33) Tap Into Heaven
   Resource Center for Energy Psychology.

  34) Forever Young, The Anti-Aging Guide
   How the simple art of eating correctly can actually prevent and reverse the aging process!

  35) 10 Day Easy Diet
   Easy to follow weight loss plan, no pills, complicated recipes or impossible exercise routines.

  36) Ketosis Plan - 30 Days To Weight Loss
   An incredible breakthrough in the Atkins diet allows dieters to lose much more much faster!

  37) How To Do The Raw Food Diet With Joy
   Health, Energy, and Success for You with a Flexible Living Food Diet. 230 Page Book, with 26 Raw Recipes!

  38) The Ultimate Fat Burning Diet Primer
   Lose weight without starving! 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  39) Why Do You Overeat? Get The Answer Now
   Lose up to 14lb in 5 days. No counting anything, no low anything, just lose those pounds easily and safely.

  40) MsFit's Corner
   Weight Loss and Female Bodybuilding.

  41) My Low Carb Success
   Lose weight the low carb way! High converting affiliate program!

  42) Health-E-Meals.com
   Quick & Healthy Recipes and Resources for Busy People.

  43) Quick And Easy Weight Loss Secrets
   Start losing weight instantly with this no-nonsense weight loss e-manual. No drugs, no starvation, and no supplements!

  44) Body Composition Tracker
   Body fat formulas software to determine your fat composition levels.

  45) The Body Sculptress' Live Your Dreams!
   This Fitness Model Shows Women How To Become Better Than They Ever Dreamed Possible!

  46) Eweightlosstips
   5000 year old proven weight loss secrets revealed.

  47) Easy Health Secrets!
   Turn On The Automatic Fat-Burning Machine Inside You!

  48) The Ultimate Weight Loss & Fitness Bible
   Weight Loss Made Easy: Weight Loss, Diet & Fitness Secrets Of The Worlds Elite Fitness Pro's, Figure Models & Dieticians.

  49) Lose Weight Now . . . Stay Slim Forever
   How to lose weight without diets, drugs, or surgery. Ebook + free newsletter and teleclasses.

  50) Banta-2005: The Fat Burning Index Diet
   Low carb, higher-fat diet revised. Individual tuning and support!

  51) Low Carb Forever
   Lots of great Low Carb Recipes help you eat your way to thin!

  52) Healthy Express Cookbook
   101 Fresh, Light & Quick Dinner Recipes.

  53) Primal Health
   Guide to shedding fat and gaining unlimited energy, vitality and health.

  54) Lose Weight Fast, Keep It Off For Life
   Being Overweight is not the problem, it's the symptom. Learn the Cure.

  55) How To Tap The Incredible Secret Powers
   How to lose weight easily weight loss how to stop smoking how to improve your health cure cancer improve your memory.

  56) The Super Fast Diet
   Lose Weight Faster Than Fasting and Keep It Off For Good.

  57) The Weight Loss Lab
   Find out the truth about permanent healthy weight loss for yourself!

  58) How To Stop Childhood Obesity
   Website promoting book explaining how to prevent and overcome obesity in childhood.

  59) Ac Australian Diet
   Healthy Australian Weight Loss Diet.

  60) The New Charleston Program
   A complete weight-control system.

  61) Right Brain Diet
   Former New York University Professor Reveals The Scientific Facts About Weight Loss.

  62) Real Easy Weight Loss
   2%4% REAL CONVERSION .Newest Diet Fad, That Works For LIFE!

  63) Discouraged About Your Weight?
   I Lost 62 Pounds for Free! You can too at this fun site for gals. Recipes, tricks, prayers, newsletter & super freebies!

  64) Quick Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking
   Easy, healthy, and delicious Chinese vegetarian cookbook package. Complete Chinese vegetarian guide with 400+ pages.

  65) Lose Weight Without Dieting
   An easier way to lose weight. Learn the secrets of the masters!

  66) The Lifeworks Group Perth Australia Nlp
   Corporate Services.

  67) The Mediterranean Diet
   Safe and healthy weight loss. Includes diets, recipes, researched comparisons to other diets, weight charts and vitamin guide.

  68) Energize Your Life Using The Shock Diet
   Learn How to Lose Weight With Energy Generating Foods. 20 years proven Results.

  69) Get Motivated - 1300+ Low Carb Recipes
   Quick And Easy Mouthwatering Low Carb Recipes - Your Low Carb Best Friend.

  70) The All You Can Eat Love Diet
   After diet and exercise, what else is there? Discover the hidden secret to long term weight loss that makes all the difference.

  71) Losing Weight Permanently And Naturally
   Site promoting a Weight Loss e-book.

  72) 10 Point Diet
   How to lose weight and not have to change what you eat!

  73) 5 Step Personal Power Diet
   Lose Weight Quickly and Safely with this 60 Day On-line Diet Program.

  74) Your Guide To Building Muscle Naturally
   Get all the information you need to rapidly gain lean muscle mass without steroids.

  75) Desserts For Dieters
   Low Calorie Desserts For Dieters.

  76) Great Ecookbooks For Everybody
   Great cookbooks!

  77) The Abs Truth
   Discover the ABsolute Truth to Sculpting Perfect Abs and Achieving Your Best Body Ever! Free E-Book Preview! Get the Truth Now!

  78) Provence Light
   Light and healthy recipes from the heart of Provence. Eat your way to a healthy heart - and lose weight at the same time!

  79) Achieve Body Mastery
   Accelerate achieving your dream of weight loss and fitness by using these tested and proven secrets and see results immediately.

  80) Calorie Counter
   Calorie Information and Calorie Controlled Diet.

  81) The Ideal Body Fat Loss Guide
   How to achieve your Ideal Body in record time with the inside secrets of a personal trainer.

  82) How To Make Your Own Luck
   The secret of successful living.

  83) Weight Loss Information
   A no-nonsense plan for lasting weight loss and fitness.

  84) Mind Programming Secrets For Weight Loss
   Mental Training/Mind Programming for Weight Loss.

  85) The Gluten- / Casein-Free Passover Guide
   Implementing a gluten- and casein-free diet? Passover is the best time to buy GFCF foods. Find out why with this guide.

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